Friday, 12 April 2013

Inspirational Workshop!

Hi Everyone

My clock

Today, I went to Inspirations, Preston to do a workshop with some fab ladies and our tutor for the day Susan Moran.
Fab Ladies

 It was Paint Fusion which I have dabbled in a little (and I mean a little)so with bucket loads of enthusiasm, I descended on the class, hoping to be taught a thing or two, and I was! Susan taught us how to crackle our acrylic paint on the Indigo Blu clock and then how to paint the flowers and leaves on the face.  Great day, everyone's clock was different, had a wash load of tea and coffee, laughter and pleasant conversation and spent a fortune in the shop to boot.  Happy crafters all round!

Susan and I
P..S. Yes I've had my hair cut!

Take care, speak soon.........Sue


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